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Top 5 CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

Selecting an ideal school for your children can be a difficult endeavor. Parents need to ensure their child receives an outstanding education.

Gurgaon offers many top schools that provide exceptional education to their students, providing a rich learning experience that prepares them for future success in all spheres of life.

Here is the list of the top 5 CBSE schools in Gurgaon that you can send your child to, for top-notch education.

Pragyanam School

Pragyanam School in Gurgaon is an award-winning CBSE school dedicated to holistic development. Offering a nurturing learning environment that equips its students for today’s rapidly-evolving world, Pragyanam’s curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities within an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Furthermore, extracurricular activities at Pragyanam guarantee students develop an all-rounded education.

This school believes in fostering mindfulness, and conscientious individuals who embrace competence over competition. Pragyanam School emphasizes community building through open communication channels between parents and teachers to keep all stakeholders in their child’s educational journey informed and involved. Furthermore, various workshops, seminars and events bring parents and children together to discuss educational goals together.

Pragyanam School stands out with its innovative pedagogy that integrates academic subjects with life skills and physical education, giving students a more engaging learning experience while building social and emotional capabilities that will help them be successful in the future. Furthermore, their teachers are highly qualified professionals trained to offer customized instruction for every individual learner at Pragyanam.

No matter your child’s passion: sports or academic achievement – Pragyanam offers a customized education designed to ensure success in either field. With an enthusiastic staff of coaches offering sports programs such as football, basketball, tennis and more – as well as music and theater programs designed to give an edge in global job markets – your child can find everything he or she needs at this school. The school admission process is also made simple to ensure parents won’t have to take the pain.

Shiv Nadar Delhi Public School

Shiv Nadar Foundation set out with ambitious plans when they entered the school game in 2012. Their intention was to revolutionize learning from memorization to all-rounded exploration, creating vibrant schools where learning becomes a dynamic adventure that builds not just scholars but well-rounded, emotionally intelligent individuals capable of changing the world.

This coed school provides academic support from nursery to grade XII, affiliated with both CBSE and IBDP curriculums for cultural exposure. Their teaching strategy is multifaceted and practical while technology integration into instruction methods ensure that every child can reach his/her full academic potential.

The school strives to offer an exceptional education that equips its students for college and career success, featuring an engaging curriculum focused on critical thinking, communication, collaboration and holistic development – such as co-curricular activities and character building – while encouraging international understanding through partnerships, exchange programs and language acquisition. Finally, technology is used responsibly in order to enhance learning while contributing towards sustainability goals.

Students attending this school have access to a range of extracurricular activities, including art, music, sports and theatre. Furthermore, they compete in national and international competitions with great results; furthermore, the school boasts an outstanding teacher-student ratio and fosters collaboration and innovation in its culture.

Parents looking for their children to thrive academically will find this coed modern school an excellent option. Teachers here are passionate about their subjects, striving to make classroom experiences as engaging and meaningful for students as possible while offering safe and welcoming facilities for all types of learners.

The school, located in Delhi’s heart, offers both day and boarding options with top-of-the-line facilities and highly qualified teachers. Furthermore, the international focus of this institution offers subjects ranging from Mandarin to English literature that regularly bring accolades at national and international competitions.

Amity International School

Ritnand Balved Education Foundation. The school boasts an excellent reputation, with an expansive and dynamic curriculum and top facilities, offering every child a strong academic foundation upon leaving its doors. Furthermore, they pride themselves in welcoming families from all around the globe into its ranks.

Last ADEK inspection granted our school with a rating of “Very Good”, marking an impressive rise from its prior rating of ‘Good’, due to significant investments made over recent years in improving teaching and learning quality.

At the center of its success lies its staff. Their primary mission is providing children with an atmosphere conducive to inspiring yet comfortable learning, an arduous task done with great warmth and purpose by an exceptional team – this makes this school truly remarkable.

AIS is dedicated to awarding scholarships and bursaries on an equitable meritocratic basis, so students may honor their achievement while providing those with limited financial means access to an Amity education. Students who do not meet criteria at one scholarship entry point may still apply in future years.

As a British school, AIS places great emphasis on developing the whole person and preparing students for life after academics. Students leave as creative thinkers with solid academic credentials who are adaptable and self-reliant learners who possess global perspectives.

Aspiring applicants can apply online at the official school website. Once completed, their completed application form must be returned along with proof of identity and self-attested birth certificate copy to the school for consideration and the application fee of Rs 1200. Once the school evaluates all required documents they will inform parents about admission procedures that typically take two or three weeks; due to a 1:17 student-teacher ratio, it is advised that parents submit early applications so as to secure their desired classroom placements.

GEMS International School

GEMS International School offers kindergarten to grade 12 private education services worldwide and provides various curricula and options to families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Furthermore, this institution strives to develop students’ character and leadership qualities.

The teaching philosophy at our school is student-centric and promotes creativity and critical thinking skills through various learning activities and methods. Teachers use technology to enhance this process while connecting our pupils globally through global connectivity.

An integral component of the school’s curriculum is its integration of arts and technology. Drawing, painting, sculpting and music classes are offered at this school along with performing arts centers, music programs and music therapy classes. Furthermore, technology access can be found throughout classrooms for programming robotics or digital design classes.

GEMS International School places great emphasis on developing its students’ social responsibility and understanding of global citizenship beyond the academic curriculum alone. Extracurricular activities offered include debating, model UN meetings and sports. GEMS also offers language courses suitable for both new learners and native speakers alike.

Students attend this school from different nationalities, creating a diverse and multicultural atmosphere. There are 122 teachers and 43 teaching assistants at this facility which is well equipped to support student learning, while its library features classic books as well as popular YA fiction titles.

The school offers an array of sports and extracurricular activities, such as swimming, gymnastics and basketball. Their sports team participates regularly in regional and international tournaments to showcase these activities which promote healthy lifestyles while cultivating teamwork among its participants. Students are strongly encouraged to join these activities that promote both healthy lifestyles and teamwork among participants.

The school fees may seem costly, but still represent excellent value for a premium IB school. Their tuition costs compare favorably with other top-rated schools in the city while offering superior teaching and additional services such as online parents’ portal and 3-a-day app to engage parents and communicate with staff and students.

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