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TheOneSpy: The Best Tracking App To View Live GPS Location Of Your Employees

Do you own a business where your employees work outside the office? You can have a shipping, delivery, and healthcare business where employees are supposed to visit your patients. All these businesses require you, the employer, to know where your employees are. You need to know that the nurse you have hired reaches the patient at the right time. The same is true for a delivery agent, a field sales executive, a transport and logistics employee, and the list goes on.

But how do you do that? How can you monitor their live GPS location at all times? Thanks to apps like TheOneSpy, you can now view the live GPS location of your employees at all times. This means you no longer have to worry whether your employees are doing their jobs or sitting at a pub wasting their time. You can now see all that right from the comfort of your home or your office. Miraculous. Here’s a list of businesses that can benefit a lot from a reliable live GPS location tracker such as TheOneSpy.

Delivery Services

Companies involved in delivery services, whether food delivery, courier services, or package delivery, are the ideal customers for location-tracking apps like TheOneSpy. Employees can use the view live GPS location feature of this app to track the riders’ location actively, make sure they are on time, and inform them if they need to change their route due to traffic or any other event.

Field Sales

The second business that can use the location tracking services of the TheOneSpy app is field sales companies. Companies whose employees serve as door-to-door salesmen and have field sales teams can use the TheOneSpy app perfectly. It will allow them to keep a record of every home and area that their employees visit, along with time stamps for all of them. This makes for a great way to keep track of their employees as well as keep a record of the areas they have covered and the areas they still need to visit. In other words, GPS tracking apps like TheOneSpy makes employee monitoring much easier and simpler.

Transportation and Logistics

TheOneSpy is a must-have for companies that are involved in transportation and logistics, especially trucking companies. The view live GPS location feature of the TheOneSpy can help employers keep real-time track of their truck drives. They can monitor their activity, the route they take, the packages they have delivered, and places they have visited on their way. This makes it easier for them to get a real-time update about their truck drivers’ whereabouts to ensure they are safe and sound on their way to their customers.

Construction and Building Companies

Another industry that can really use the location monitoring feature of the TheOneSpy app is the construction and building industries. Most of these companies have employees working on different construction sites, and employers need to track whether all their employees work there. With a single tap, these employers can use the view live GPS location feature of the TheOneSpy app to track the location of every single employee,  no matter where and when they are working. In this way, there is no need for extra calls, messages, and cameras to record that their employees are working at the right spot and are not wasting time.


The healthcare industry has seen a great boom in nursing and home healthcare services with the increasing older population. More and more companies are now offering healthcare services on demand at patient’s homes, especially nursing services. TheOneSpy allows the employers and supervisors of these companies to actively monitor their employees’ location to ensure they are at the right address and on time. This 24/7 surveillance allows these companies to ensure excellent customer service while making it easy for their employees to find their patients.

What Sort Of Company Do You Own?

Now that you know how efficiently the TheOneSpy app can help business owners and employers keep track of their employees, are you ready to use that feature for your own company? All you have to do is visit the TheOneSpy website, and you will find all the details on how to proceed. Get started now!

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