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Why UEI Global Essential For Students To Make A Career In The Hospitality Industry?

UEI Global – rated as The Best Hotel Management Institute in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

UEI Global was established in 2007 under the aegis of Berggruen Charitable Trust and academic supervision of Hotelschool, The Hague, ranked among the top 3 hotel schools worldwide. This institution offers courses in hotel management with other courses related to the hospitality industry. The teaching style is ideal for those who wish to start their career as hotel managers or analysts in the hotel industry. Those who want to improve their management skills and those who are already in the profession can get help from the Best Hotel Management Institute in Thiruvananthapuram.

The institute has a good faculty that includes practitioners with extensive, rich experience in the hospitality industry. They teach students not just about managing hotels but also about hotel management in general. There are various streams of hotel management which you can get the degree, like hotel consulting, finance, facility management and hotel marketing etc. A course completed at the Best Hotel Management Institute in Thiruvananthapuram will give you a head start when you start your job.

Since the beginning of UEI Global, the institute has become renowned for its expertise. Over the years, it has improved its services and is regarded as a prestigious institution offering many subjects related to hospitality. Besides this, the faculty comprises some of the best hotel executive employees who belong to the hotel industry and have plenty of practical experience. Most of the faculty members have worked for decades in prominent hotels, cruiselines, international resorts and heritage properties worldwide.

An element of fun is attached to the Best Hotel Management Institute in Thiruvananthapuram. Students can interact with famous hotels in the city while acquiring knowledge about their standard procedures and methods. There are many summer internships in the hotel industry; thus, students can apply for these if they do not wish to join the institute full-time.

The summer season starts in February and goes on till May. During the peak season, many hotels struggle to cope with the extra visitors. During this time, the number of tourists visiting hotels is much higher than other times of the year. The staff is stressed while using the limited available resources optimally, and it is not easy to handle all these guests.

The Best Hotel Management Institute in Thiruvananthapuram provides many internship programs in the hospitality industry. These programs are like any other regular program, and thus students can learn on their own. However, since the institute also provides practical training, the students are taught to implement the knowledge they have gained into their practice. Thus the institute gives hands-on training that ensures that the trainees get a lot of work experience.

The institutes also provide students with the best hotel internship in the state. During their training, the students will learn about hotel management concepts and will also have an opportunity to implement them in their respective hotels. They will get an in-depth understanding of the operational aspects of hotels and will be able to implement the knowledge well.

The students will first have to finish their regular classes. Towards the end of their academic session, they will have to submit a project report and a final exam. Once they pass the exam, they will receive a diploma. The best institutes of this kind have representatives who will help you in selecting a hotel in Kerala.

Once the trainee graduates from the institute, they can immediately start working in the industry. There are several hotels in India which hire trainees on a continual basis. The students will get the opportunity to work in various departments such as room service, restaurant staff, front office and others. The best institutions have several branches in other cities of India and abroad. Thus the trainee can opt for whichever hotel he feels comfortable working.

When selecting a hotel, it is good to check if there is any scope for career advancement in the parent organization. The best institutions have multiple candidates looking for opportunities in established hotels chains. These candidates will receive guidance and career counselling from the best in the industry that will help them improve their skills to land suitable jobs.

Apart from the practical classes, the students can also take up electives. These include business studies, hospitality management, restaurant management and tourism. The various modules include internships at prestigious hotels in the region. There are many hotels in this region & each one has a unique characteristic which sets it apart from others. The best hotel management institute will be able to teach the students everything about the unique aspects of the industry.

If you have recently completed your 12th standard in Kerala and want to make an illustrious career in the Hospitality industry, opt for a degree in hotel management in Trivandrum from UEI Global Education. 


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