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Unveiling Views: How to See Who Views Your VSCO

VSCO is a photo editing and social interactive platform that is mainly popular for its quality editing features. Users love to edit their pictures on VSCO and then share them on other photo-sharing apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. As the VSCO provides social interactions it is not the main feature of the app so it doesn’t keep any record of such social interactions.

If you are confused about whether VSCO shows views, then the answer is NO. But there is nothing in this digital world that doesn’t have a breakpoint. Go through the entire article and get to know how you can check VSCO views.

Can Third-Party Apps Be Used to Check the VSCO Views?

VSCO is a social media platform with quality photo editing features, but it doesn’t let you track who has viewed your VSCO profile or photos/ videos. The app doesn’t provide you this facility nor does any third-party app available that will let you check the views on your content. This news may relieve some users who are afraid of social records or social viewer counts. However, those who create content just to show the public and require more viewers for further motivation may tend to seek other ways to check VSCO profile views.

Do People Get Notified If You View Their VSCO?

Users create memes, quality content photos, edit their pictures, etc on VSCO. Its discovery section allows you to explore any content just by searching for a particular keyword of your interest or by scrolling down the page. You will get the content created by the users in return. Now if you check their content and then worry about asking- can people see if you view their VSCO, then let me tell you VSCO doesn’t send such notifications to the users. As we have seen, even any third-party apps don’t work here. 

But there is good news for those who love to see the users who stalk their profile. There are some other ways available that could help in knowing VSCO viewers.

Ways to See Who Views Your VSCO

If you are a curious VSCO user and exploring the ways how can people see when you view their VSCO, then take a look at these methods:

  • Make viewer’s pattern from notifications: you can see who viewed your VSCO through the notifications of likes and comments. Click on the profile icon, then the menu button on the top left corner of the screen, then Activity. Check these notifications from there.
  • Your VSCO followers are your viewers: those who like your VSCO content tend to follow you on the platform for more updates. Your followers are your viewers and if a new follower is added, then he/she is a definite viewer of your content. Check your followers’ list by following the path: profile icon > menu button (top left section) > People > Followers.

How to Be More Popular on VSCO?

Other users on VSCO can also share your content and hence it’s a great platform to promote your creative work. You can increase your number of VSCO followers by using these tips:

First, consider adding your personal information along with a profile picture to your VSCO profile.

Consider posting popular and quality content on VSCO. Some of the hot niches you can use are:

  • Quotes
  • Modeling
  • Photography
  • Creativity
  • Etc.


The app doesn’t provide a direct way to see who views your VSCO profile, but using the methods defined in the article could give you an idea about it.

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