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eOffice Solution

The eOffice Solution is a business product that can change the way you do business. This is because it gives you the ability to connect with customers in a different way. It also makes it easy to do business on a mobile device.

Opus Solution

The Opus Solution for eOffice Solution is a service that is available through a number of companies. Each company offers different services. These services include virtual office solutions, meeting rooms, and phone services.

Some of these services are included in the base price. Others are offered as add-ons. For example, you can purchase a premium call transfer feature. You can also purchase a service that lets you record calls and send them to an email inbox. Among other features, you can also get texting and international call transfer.

Another feature that you can purchase is a service that converts faxes into emails. It will also transfer calls to up to four numbers. In addition, you can get unlimited long distance dialing. However, these add-ons can cost you as much as $25 per month.

OPUS is not perfect for everyone. While it is very easy to use, you should know that its performance may vary depending on where you live. A number of factors such as your geographic location, your height, and the presence of a pole can influence the accuracy of your results.

The software uses dual-frequency GPS data logs and NSRS (Near Satellite Reference Stations) to provide centimeter-level accuracy for a point. It works by choosing the best nine reference stations in the IGS CORS network.

If you sign up for a year, you will get one month free. During that time, you will receive a solution report in your email. The report will list the XYZ and LLH coordinates of a point, the name of the used reference frame, and an estimated accuracy in meters.

Although it is not perfect, you will still be able to get a wide variety of features for a relatively low monthly price. Moreover, you will have access to audio conferencing and international call transfer.

Sunshine E Office Solutions

Sunshine E Office Solutions is a no frills, no nonsense company that offers the goods and services on a budget. The company boasts of a large footprint in the industry with its HQ residing in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The business is backed up by a healthy pool of employees and vendors. In the recent past the company has enjoyed a close call in the annual customer satisfaction rankings. To ensure a seamless client experience the company has also incorporated a robust client management suite that has its fingers in a bunch of pies. At the end of the day Sunshine E Office Solutions has made itself a formidable competitor to its contemporaries in the e-commerce department. Its best clients are SMEs who have a keen interest in a smooth transition to the next generation of workforce.

Datamatics Digital Workplace Solutions

Datamatics Digital Workplace Solutions provide enterprise-wide solutions for digitizing critical business processes. This solution uses a combination of cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and intelligent data processing. The solutions enables enterprises to improve process visibility and turnaround time, and reduce operational expenses. With Digital Workplace solutions, organizations can streamline their workflows, secure access to documents, and increase productivity.

Digital Workplace solutions can be configured to meet a wide range of business requirements. They can be integrated with other applications, provide remote access, and enable segregation of digitized documents. A strong document storage framework and a user-friendly interface ensure that all stakeholders can access documents in a secure and timely manner.

UTI Mutual Fund, a leading mutual fund in India with 51,000 distribution centers, selected Datamatics to provide a comprehensive, paperless Digital Workplace. Their implementation on the OpenText Documentum platform enabled better turnaround times, reduced operational expenses, and increased overall productivity.

Besides leveraging cloud-based ECM, the solution includes a collaborative workspace, records management, and file management. It also provides a remote workspace that allows users to work from anywhere, anytime. And it comes with native language support. Moreover, it supports the acquisition and procuring of components and products.

Datamatics has been recognized with the IMC Digital Technology Award 2020 for its Digital Workplace Solutions. This was in recognition of its innovative approach to providing a paperless workplace. By utilizing technologies like Cloud-based ECM, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence, Datamatics has provided its customers with a complete, enterprise-wide digital workspace solution. As a result, they have streamlined their business processes and improved customer experience.

The company has grown into a global digital solutions provider that helps businesses with their information exchange between different silos. Its portfolio spans from engineering services to big data & analytics to business process management.

Kriti e-Office

The Kriti e-Office solution is a multifaceted software package that manages not only your business correspondence but also your e-mails. A slick web interface and a few clicks of the mouse and you’re all set. One of the best parts is that the software can be fully customised to your unique needs. As a bonus, the customer support is top notch.

As its name suggests, the e-Office solution is a paperless office that goes the extra mile. It’s the logical enlightenment for any small business or government agency. You can now manage e-mails, messages, applications, requisitions, and other documents with a little slickness and a touch of class. With the e-Office solution you can also track complaints and other relevant information. That’s a plethora of useful functions in a slick interface that’s sure to delight your customers and employees alike.

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